Welcome to CarsFinance.com.au! Here's what you need to know to get started on your car loan application:

Basic Eligibility

To apply for a car loan with us, you should be over 18 years old, hold Australian citizenship or permanent residency, and have a stable income.

Required Documentation

Personal Identification

· Full name, age, date of birth, citizenship, and dependents.

· Driver’s license (for electronic verification or certification).

· Additional IDs like your Passport and Medicare Card may be required.

Income Verification

· Two recent payslips.

· Bank statements from the past three months.

· Details of your living expenses, including rent or mortgage payments.

Non-Employment Income

· We consider various income sources including rental, investments, and certain Centrelink payments (like Veterans payments, age pension, etc.).

· Note: Temporary or supplemental Centrelink payments may not qualify.

Assets and Liabilities

· Information on other loans, investment portfolios, superannuation, and any significant assets.

Car and Insurance Details

· Dealer invoice or sale contract, vehicle details (chassis number, year, make, model), registration, and fuel efficiency.

· Proof of comprehensive car insurance is mandatory.

Borrowing Power

· We assess your credit score, history, income, expenses, and financial situation to determine your loan capacity.

· Your total income minus expenses will help estimate the loan amount you can responsibly handle.

At CarsFinance.com.au, we are committed to responsible lending and ensuring you can comfortably afford your car loan. Start your application today and drive your dream car tomorrow!