Full Car Insurance with Fantastic Benefits

Rest assured that you are covered

Complete car insurance

Car Finance can arrange full car insurance with fantastic benefits such as optional coverage and discounts.

Consumer credit insurance

It is a simple and inexpensive way to cover the obligations that arise from a loan agreement in the event of death, illness, accident, or involuntary unemployment.

Gap insurance

Gap insurance protects you from the shortfalls that can occur if your car is stolen or amortized, and your entire car insurance payment covers the outstanding loan balance of your finance contract.

Extended vehicle warranty

The extended warranty protects your vehicle from mechanical failures and extends your car manufacturer's warranty for three years.

Purchase price insurance

Suppose the vehicle is declared total insurance damage. In that case, you will be protected from the potential decline between the purchase price of the vehicle and the payment of comprehensive vehicle insurance.

Lease protection insurance

It is affordable insurance designed to guarantee a refund for your rental car if you cannot continue to fulfil your financial promise.

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